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Venus squares a retrograde Pluto on Thursday, inciting a desire to unravel an enigma. Sweet Venus keeps the peace as she trines a retrograde Jupiter, offering a sense of empathy on the same day. The moon leaves Cancer at Get R29 Horoscopes direct to your calendar, every week with two simple steps!

Make sure you're notified about new horoscopes by switching on event alerts! How do I fix that? You will need to add an iCloud Calendar subscription. Use the webcal link mentioned above. Can I subscribe if I use Outlook? For the next three weeks, keep a firm privacy policy in place. This is NOT the time to incite a riot on Instagram with a mysterious ring photo or to churn up drama by alluding to a potential situationship that might not even really be happening.

Or is it? Keep it tucked in the vault; let it be a scintillating secret between you and bae. That said, being TOO mysterious could backfire. If you're interested, lay a breadcrumb trail for the object of your affection. Couples can make their relationship rock-solid during this playing-for-keeps cycle. But if you're going to put so much as a promise ring on your finger, make sure the trust levels are as high as the lust!

Warning: The green-eyed monster could make cameos a-plenty with Venus in Scorpio.

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Leaving something to the imagination? Mais oui! These shifts all increase the pace of change but it may not feel very smooth. In fact, it may feel very messy, uncomfortable, and emotional. Nonetheless, this is an environment where the path is narrowing significantly and we aren't allowed to step very far outside the guidance that the Universe is providing. By Friday, we may find ourselves feeling quite wrung out but once we're wrung out , we can begin to see the bigger picture with some degree of detachment and pragmatism.

Attempts to control on Sunday need to be reigned in by responsibility in order to side-step some challenging relationship dynamics. There is a strong imperative to demonstrate tangible progress on Monday but we may find ourselves distracted by criticism and fault-finding. Demands for fairness and equity overcome the rosy glow of charm on Tuesday. Nonetheless, it isn't easy to clearly articulate exactly how we want things to change.

The swirl of emotions tends to keep us isolated and obscures our view of the bigger picture — which is that things are changing more quickly than we can fully comprehend.


Isolation begins to break down on Friday and our emotions are wrung out by the series of challenges that we face. However, there are important lessons and insights available if we can stay centered and focused. By Saturday, we begin to grasp a bigger picture and see a tangible, pragmatic way forward.

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Sunday September 29, The balance desired by Libra is tested today. Responsibility is the key that will keep us from going too far in order to control situations and people that seem to step out of line. The Moon sets off the forming Venus-Pluto square around noon today, creating challenging relationship dynamics.

It isn't easy to just let things go if we believe that someone needs correction. However, by seeking to make corrections, we may end up owning the very problems that we're trying to solve instead of helping anything.

Today presents us with a very slippery slope, where judgements may quickly boomerang. Monday September 30, Today's Scorpio Moon encourages us to delve more deeply into understanding whatever discrepancies or disruptions have caught our attention.

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Sensitivity and intellect are heightened but our determination to put things into place may take us down relatively unproductive 'Rabbit Holes'. Nonetheless, whether or not we find ourselves critical or 'finding fault' with our circumstances, there is an intense desire to demonstrate some evidence of productive progress and make things better. The Moon's opposition to Uranus, around noon, brings the feeling of disruption to a peak, after which, we may gain a better understanding of how to work with others in order to resolve the discrepancies and find some consensus on how to move forward effectively.

Tuesday October 01, Today's challenges are extremely difficult to accurately discern. Juno's opposition to Neptune culminates this morning, bringing to a peak a variety of murky and questionable strategies. The standoff between emotions and logic begins to break down, threatening separations and breakups.

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We are moving past the vision of the Jupiter-Neptune square now, so the demand to make tangible progress has become louder and more insistent. Juno's demand for fairness and equity also becomes a force to be reckoned with here, so our vision is challenged from a new direction. Although we might prefer to continue to blur the focus in order to maintain a 'rosy glow' of visionary excitement, there is unlikely to be much patience with such an approach. We are looking for some way to directly articulate a way to make things different but it is especially challenging today. The routes to productive cooperation are clearly shifting and it is important to remain adaptable and 'teachable'.

The struggle to articulate a clear vision becomes more important — but we're much more comfortable pointing out the flaws in the approach of others. There isn't much Sagittarian optimism in the Moon's transit through the sign today. We're more likely to speak without thinking things through another notable trait of Sagittarius.

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  • However, it's also likely that we quickly learn our lesson and become more circumspect right away. This environment is especially messy as far as personal interactions are concerned, so we should do our best to 'tread lightly' and avoid taking things too personally. Thursday October 03, It will take an extraordinarily broad perspective and a great deal of detachment to fully grasp the changes put into place today.

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    In most cases, we find ourselves in a swirl of isolating chaos that makes it extremely difficult to see the Big Picture. Mercury arrives in Scorpio early this morning. Mars may seem a bit prickly in Virgo, but in Libra, Mars can be downright disagreeable — stirring the pot at every opportunity. We may believe that isolation is a safer alternative today. However, the crux of the lessons of this lunar cycle is to help us to step away from the pain and destructiveness of walling ourselves off from the rest of the world.

    We may find ourselves wrung out by the end of the day. Nonetheless, we may actually need a bit of wringing — some kind of crisis that serves to purge the confusing internal emotional chaos that has been dominating this atmosphere. There are important and powerful insights available today, if we can learn to accept and honor the perspective of others.

    We don't have to agree but we will do much better if we are willing to 'take the best and leave the rest of what we are offered by others. Saturday October 05, We may get a glimpse of the Bigger Picture today, along with at least enough detachment to see a way forward. We have reached the potent, active 1st Quarter of this lunar phase. Although we may not feel inclined to look for compromises, we should at least have a better idea of the value of collaboration. There are increased concerns over appearances that encourage us to be on our best behavior — even if we don't really feel it.

    By the time the Moon makes a sextile to Neptune this evening just about PM, we find a comfortable repose and some opportunities to enjoy creative and artistic pursuits.