Aquarius astrological hell

On a macro level, we should expect to see some tension between the people and the establishment — especially on Monday, January 21 , when the final eclipse in the Leo-Aquarius series electrifies the sky. Since the Leo-Aquarius eclipses began in August , we've seen some radical changes in the "powers that be" Leo symbolizes the monarchy, while Aquarius represents the subjects. It only makes sense, then, that January's lunar eclipse will motivate us to use our personal resources, influence, and prestige to manifest comprehensive change on a large-scale level.

This month is all about fighting back. Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 6 , when Uranus concludes retrograde and begins moving forward again in your own sign. Read your full January horoscope here.

Whether You’ll Go To Heaven Or Hell, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A new astrological season begins on Sunday, January 20 , when the sun glides into Aquarius. This lunation will highlight your financial sectors and invite you to take a good, hard look at your money situation.

Is this your year, Cancer darling? It sure feels like it.

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You know how the past two years have been, well, bonkers? Well, darling Leo, this saga is finally coming to a close.

Aquarius-Libra Compatibility

On Sunday, January 6 , Uranus the planet of innovation concludes its retrograde cycle. Now, this revolutionary planet is going full steam ahead in Aries, which is major for you, Libra love. Consider doing a small renovation project, purchasing new furniture, or simply rearranging your environment to discover new inspiration in your dwellings. The vivid sun slides into Aquarius on Sunday, January 20 , activating the area of your chart associated with peers, communication, and playful banter.

After experiencing some stress during the holiday season, the end of January is an excellent time to reconnect with your friends and fill your social calendar with fun and enriching activities.

(Fire Earth Air Water)

By the time Mars and Sun, both fiery planets, had entered into the Water signs of Scorpio and Cancer respectively, the passion had died down the fire dowsed by the water and Bernie endorsed Hilary. Donald Trump is the archetypal big-business, money talks, kind of person we would expect to see running for president in a year when Rahu and Jupiter are together in Leo. Everything about him is big. Big character, big wig, big bank account, big talk, big promises, etc.

Rahu makes him an unconventional candidate, Rahu typically indicating that something is taboo or unorthodox. Jupiter gives him a lot of power right now, but I would expect to see his campaign start to suffer once Jupiter leaves Leo in August. I will say though, I am not too excited to see someone with divisive, hateful and racist ideologies possibly becoming president in the same kind of combination that helped Hitler rise to the top.

I think these pretty well depict the three main presidential front-runners when Bernie was still running. I would argue that Saturn in Scorpio is Clinton. Even when Bernie was in the running, Hillary tended to direct most of her criticism and attention towards Trump, never seeming to take Bernie Sanders too seriously. Unfortunately, the powerful and dreaded Kalasarpa Yoga, with all planets trapped between Rahu and Ketu, will be ruling the sky on election day. Regardless whether Hilary or Trump wins, we the people will lose.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What the Hell is going on in the world? An astrological view. Previous Next. View Larger Image. About the Author: Veos Daskalodos. Related Posts. Blood Moon Eclipse. Franz Bardon Franz Bardon. Gemini is depicted as having two faces, and there is a good reason for this. People born under the Gemini star sign know how to deceive and manipulate people, and this means that you cannot pull one over on anyone born under this sign.

Never turn your back on someone who falls under the Cancer star sign. If a person under this sign gives up on you, then they will make your life a living hell.

How Gay You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Any and all feelings they ever thought about you will turn into negative energy that is pure. The bite of a person under the star sign Leo is the most vicious and more so if that person feels betrayed. The person under this sign is often self-centered but they can be loyal too, and they never like feeling that they are being used. People born under the star sign Virgo are delicate, and this means that they usually flip out over just about anything and they will make you regret decisions that brought you here. They will consider themselves to be perfect and are likely to judge anyone, anytime and anywhere.

People born under the Libra star sign have all the charm in the world. However, it is when they are behind closed doors that their true self will come out and reveal itself. Libra is said to be the fake sign and people born under it know how to get just what they want and they have no worries about who gets hurt in the process.

You do not realize what revenge is until you have seen a Scorpio take revenge on someone.