Weekly horoscope virgo march 5 2020

New health and wellness trends are likely to spark your interest, but take some time to do your homework before incorporating them into your daily routine. Saturn visits Aquarius from March July 1 and reenters the sign on December Jupiter follows close behind, meeting up with Saturn on December 21 in a long-anticipated Great Conjunction.


Whatever boundaries stand between you and true love, Neptune in Pisces wants to help you dissolve them. One of your biggest obstacles in relationships is the tendency to be overly critical or judgmental. Adopting a more open-hearted attitude can work miracles in relationships of all kinds.

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Jupiter in Capricorn sextiles Neptune three times this year February 20, July 27, and October 12 , bridging the gap between the serious, down-to-earth, practical side of love and the dreamy, magical, romantic side. In romantic and platonic relationships alike, communication is the most important thing to work on this year—especially while your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and Libra October November 3.

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Issues of fairness and equality may come up between you and a significant other at this time. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking time out for extracurricular activities makes you more productive, not less. After all, with Mercury ruling both your sign and your Gemini career house, you love keeping busy.

Venus goes retrograde from May June 24, prompting you to look back on your career so far and reevaluate your chosen path.

According to WiseHoroscope , will be a great year for all zodiac signs. Aries: discussions about a job, reevaluations, and rechecking of documents, work contracts, reconfiguration of some workforce relationships will occur. Taurus: you are prone to confusions, and you face some communication issues in the relationship with your children or lover.

Gemini: we can talk about a period a bit unclear regarding your house, family or a real estate business. Leo: this is a period for revising some issues related to money, a work contact, for reconsidering your personal and material values, you feel the need to get out of some collaborations that solicit you financially. Virgo: During this period, you need to organize your personal life, some important aspects reemerging now, to redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way of interacting with others.

Libra: you rather prefer to retire in solitude, because you feel like isolating yourself from the world and concerning yourself with the spiritual side of existence. It is possible to return to places with a high spiritual charge, places dear to you.

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  8. Sagittarius : you have a predisposition to all kinds of complaints in the relationship with your superiors or family. Capricorn: some aspects related to higher education may be revised during this period, which is characterized by an intense intellectual and also a relational activity with people living abroad. Aquarius: you need to pay attention to any financial initiative, whether is about financial support, a loan or a business plan.

    Pisces: this is a good time to reanalyze a partnership, to reexamine the relationship with your life partner and your life as a couple. It is possible for an ex-partner to return in your life. He needs to refrain from taking major decision during this phase.

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    Period from around mid of May to end of June does not seem much prospective. Business person needs to execute due caution while lending credit to new customer. Business person needs to remain attentive about receivables here. Career oriented is eager to get better paced coupled with hike in remuneration.

    Career oriented keeps performing efficiently.


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    Business person needs to revive connection with out of touch old customer to push ahead sales.

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