Aquarius february 11 weekly horoscope

Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became horoscope. Some of you may want to take a look at Capricorn however it's nowhere near as bad for you but there are some minor warnings only because the moon does switch into the fourth quarter. The same kind of hokey pokey is not affecting you as badly as it is Capricorn but there are some similarities, most notably some interaction with Uranus and Pluto washing over some of the same aspects but nowhere near the pounding the Capricorn takes.

Your week starts out with a little bit of poor cooperation and some minor personal issues the afternoon of the 6th but the path is cleared nicely by the 7th, especially with signs like Aries , Leo , Sagittarius and Libra members.

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Highly enjoyable exchanges with friends the 8th and including them in dynamics with your family appears very likely. Trying not to open a can of worms and bite off more than you can chew on the 9th would be wise and keeping in mind that your judgment tends to be rather poor along with Pisces , Cancer , and Sagittarius members so much so that you with any one of these signs together would make a really poor judgment call on any issue from soup to nuts. Things improved dramatically the 10th in what appears to be highly enjoyable gatherings and fun family events with deeply touching emotional exchanges.

Clashes are issues between you and Capricorn are possible on the 11th and trying to reason with a Capricorn that day may take you far field. It may be best just defined the best compromise and leave it at that if you have any Capricorn s in your family. While this week is 'over all good' a tiny cross section of you MAY find a small or disturbing 'threat' here and there, especially the 6th to 8th and particularly IF paired to signs like Leo , Aquarius , Cancer , Taurus or Scorpio.

Some of that 'talking' and growing closer may unfold in your friendship life OR, it isn't entirely impossible for some of you that a friendship life turns INTO a love life! That 'closeness' may not be 'just friends'. A small argument or difference of view may cause a rift near the 7th; work past it! Mistakes ARE possible so here is how to avoid them; do as much 'early on the 5th' as you can and double check mid day the 6th.

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Zip your lip around power people you do NOT trust the early hours of the 7th and later hours of the 8th. Be ready with all 'printed facts, figures, info and proof or hard copy' the 9th and return ALL communications as quickly as you can, while keeping a record of it, the 10th IF you work. This week's scenario is highlighted by agreements or making a commitment to a partner or mate. Love may enter your life through the back door. Be on the alert for someone standing in the wings.

You are especially sensitive to the trends of the times and know exactly where to put your energy in relation to new projects. There is a continued focus on career, reputation, status, and life direction for you in November, dear Aquarius. Still, there's a growing theme of recreation, personal enjoyment, and friendship. There can be ups and downs regarding your goals but also definite improvements or at least foreseeable ones. You may need to return to an old project or redo and refine something that you thought was complete as Mercury retrogrades until the 20th.

If something's left hanging, aim to focus on productivity in other areas. Consider that apparent backtracking can lead to the strengthening of things that were once on shaky ground. Jupiter is on the last leg of its transit of your friendship sector, and Venus joins in, spending the in this social area of your solar chart. You're likely to feel appreciated and enjoyed this month!

People are drawn to your optimism and generosity of spirit. You're in particularly good shape for networking, sharing, and promoting. Increased faith in your talents and your value leads to positive developments in November, even if you can feel that you're looking to the past more often than usual. Focusing on handling outstanding or unresolved issues in your life can boost your sense of security, self-worth, and money situation.

You're in particularly good shape for reviewing recent business projects, decisions, or ideas around the Thinking about life direction and long-term goals in new ways can be fruitful now, and can also lead to significant new insights or plans. You can be recycling or reviving old projects and ideas, and while these things haven't yet fleshed out with all the details, you're in great shape for working your magic on them.

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The Full Moon occurring on the 12th is a fertile one, bringing on a strong need for finding a balance between your attention to your professional life and personal life. Family matters or personal needs that have been ignored or brushed aside can erupt now for special consideration. You've been very focused on the practical, responsible side of your life, and now you are called to take care of the emotional elements.

This theme is reiterated later in November when Mars opposes Uranus. The desire to break free from restrictive circumstances is strong.

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Recently buried and building frustrations can surface, but if handled well, they help clear a path for you to start fresh. There can be the opportunity to connect with a spirited, interesting person or especially enjoy spending time with others this month. Wonderful feelings can arise through enthusiastically helping others. This can be a time of social refreshment, and you might turn to others or new ideas for inspiration.

Especially after week three of the month, you're in need of some detoxing from pressured situations and goals, and you're able to find more time for sharing, connecting, and community. In the last week of November, your spirit and dreams are reinvigorating. You put faith in your intuition on business and financial matters.

Confidence in your ability to handle your responsibilities, make the living you want, and attract the right resources to you increases now and will continue building. A money matter that was stuck or in limbo may now release and progress forward. While your relationship with your money, income, talents, and resources is an ongoing journey with several peaks and valleys, you're headed towards one of the peaks. The continued emphasis on your solar twelfth house means is another year of relative quiet, withdrawal, and repose, dear Aquarius. People love being around you, and you them in , more so than usual.

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You benefit from your connections, too. Yes, you require lots of downtime and space to recharge in between, but you thoroughly enjoy sharing, feedback, and camaraderie with others. Another big change this year involves your planetary ruler, Uranus, moving into the sign of Taurus for the long haul — until , in fact! No worries — you have a lot of time to do so — but there is an adjustment period involved.

In your case, this was your solar third house. Learning, studies, transportation, and general mental outlook have all been impacted.

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These were areas that were up in the air, changeable, and erratic, but also opportunities for new insights and excitement. Going forward, these things are stabilizing and settling down. For some, this means settling on a course of study after a lengthy period of uncertainty. Now, Uranus is transiting your sector of home and family starting in March , and these are areas of some upheaval.

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Moving may happen, and it can be a relatively sudden thing for some. Others are seeking a change within their homes or with their living conditions and there can be much activity in the domestic environment.

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This influence stirs up quite a bit in the psyche, too, and Aquarians will find a lot is going on psychologically in and beyond. This is particularly prominent from with a strong emphasis on your solar twelfth house reinforcing the focus on your inner dynamics. This can be a revealing although often quite private time in your life.