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Did you not say the tropical chart is the birth, less mature personality?

I think you have something to teach me! Sorry if it just seems like I keep trying to tear your ideas apart, but I never really understood why people NEED a chart to work on themselves. Obviously great asset if it can point to problems or qualities that are so deeply buried in the subconscience - or challenged by the conscious mind or harmful subconsious ideas - that discovering them through a chart interpretation feels like unlocking new information. But other than that - why wait to use your Heliocentric energies? Anytime you feel in an enlightened state, you are automatically facilitating your access to these energies.

You are already using them and you don't even realize it. To focus on a single side of you at a time is to not be wholy yourself. I've found that these charts actually merge and work together at any given time. There is no need to consider your charts as projects you must take on one at a time, you have one single project and that is yourself. My, my, I really am too invasive.

But my ego doesn't want me to take any of it back. Anyway, hope this perspective helps in some way. Would you be willing to share your planet signs for your natal and draconic? I'd like the chance to take a look at the dynamic as a test data for my hypothesis.

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It seems to specify my 'purpose' or 'intention' more clearly than the other ones. I still do believe that the Heliocentric is the expression of the soul, however I view it as pure soul, ie. I still see my Heliocentric fire triangle come out when I'm extremely passionate about something, however it's through my Draconic chart that the energy is filtered through.

I suspect StillConfused was correct when he stated that the charts are all dimensionally related and the energies weave across time and space in the expression that is YOU.

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I would think the heliocentric natal charts start with cancer not Aries, since the earth is in cancer in Jan. Is the heliocentric astrological new year in Oct.? Traditionally, the new year in Jewish and Pagan European calendars were either the new moon between Sep.


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Have you read the FAQ? Thread Tools. Find all posts by booboo. StillConfused Senior Member. Re: draconic and heliocentric chart For draconic, videos by Lauren Delsack as an introduction, if you haven't already come across them, are great. Find all posts by StillConfused. Re: draconic and heliocentric chart Philosphically speaking, I'm with you on this one, astrological complexity is endless. SDragon Member. Join Date: Aug Posts: Both sidereal ephemerides have extensive phenomena listings as well as daily positions to save the hassle of having to calculate with a tropical ephemeris and then make adjustments for the sidereal zodiac.

The heliocentric ephemeris has proven exceedingly popular among financial astrologers. People working with astrology and the Stock Market often use heliocentric as well as geocentric planetary positions for their forecasts.

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Some individuals appreciate the fine-tuning they can get in their predictive efforts through working with the transiting midpoints as well as transits from the planets. If you want to check out the positions of the transiting midpoints without incredibly tedious calculations, just use Astro's American Midpoint Ephemeris.

Astro is well known for setting the standards of accuracy in our field. Computer programmers check their astrological software against the positions in our ephemerides because they know that Neil Michelsen valued pin-point accuracy - and would fine-tune incredibly to get the best possible data. Rique Pottenger - in true double-Virgo tradition - is carrying forward that dedication to utmost accuracy.

Whatever your ephemeris need is, Astro can provide it for you! Which Ephemeris is Best for You?

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The ephemeris you have been waiting for! The New American Ephemeris This decade ephemeris features daily longitudes for the planets, as well as 5-day intervals for the asteroids and Eris. Planets in your Tropical astrological chart below 23 to 24 degrees of a particular sign, say the sign of Aries, will now become recognized by the previous sign, in this case Pisces.

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  • In this manner all the planets in your Tropical astrological chart will move backward into the previous degrees of the same or earlier sign. This major difference between the two systems shocks many new and old comers to astrology alike. They often ask: How can there be two Zodiacs? Which one is correct?

    The answer, of course, depends on your perspective. Relative to your point in the universe, the world reveals itself to you.

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    For instance, viewed from the earth, the planets have a particular order, and appear to be moving through the zodiacal signs very differently than if viewed from the Sun. This is the difference between geocentric astrology, from the Greek meaning, "earth-centered", and heliocentric astrology, from the Greek meaning, "sun-centered".

    Your vantage point can be said to determine your perceptual reality. This is also true of the two Zodiacs, depending on the vantage point of the seasonal equinoxes, or the vantage point of the fixed stars. Reality is indeed a relative construct that can best be described in the old adage: What you see is what you get! It all depends on your vantage point!

    Another vantage point that Vedic Astrology has, is the cosmological, psycho-spiritual viewpoint of the ancient Hindu, or Vedic culture. Their spiritual psychology and philosophical precepts are deeply ingrained in the concepts of Jyotish. The value system of ancient India is part and parcel of Vedic astrology.


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    It is very different in its conceptual view of life than our modern western cultural viewpoint. For example, the four pursuits of life, as outlined in the Vedas are: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The Sanskrit word Dharma reflects the purposeful unfolding of self in life. The word Artha, reflects our attitude toward the accumulation of money and the resources necessary to fulfill the self.

    The word Kama, refers to the rightful fulfillment of the desires of the self.