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You are ruled by Saturn, planet of time, old age, and maturity, as well as of pruning, discipline, and restriction, the archetype of the Crone or the Seney, the old man. Thus, you possess the impersonal detachment and worldly understanding of an elder, even in youth. Since you are Saturn-ruled, the section on this planet later in the report is especially relevant to you. Esoterically, mastery of the world of form and the ability to physically manifest and embody spirit is a key to your soul function.

The symbol also incorporates the tail of a fish, suggesting that your roots are somehow in the water.

The part of the body related to this sign is the knee. Two images come to mind: you engage in the ambitious climb through your profession, seeking greater height for its own sake. Yet you are able to dive into the water and use your flexible knees to move you through the water. The contrast of material upward progress and downward movement into the emotional realm is striking.

Yet both are related to the material condition of the living human being. Your spiritual path lies in the blending of these forces, and the material plane provides the catalyst for your spiritual development. One-sided material ambition cannot elevate you to a higher spiritual plane any more than one-sided emotional life can satisfy you completely.

Together they form the foundation from which all future progress emerges. It is from this synthesis that you can move into the nest turning of your upward moving spiritual path. The hallmark of this rising sign is intelligent activity. Thus it is important for you to pay attention to whatever subjects you study and to go beyond the facts to discern the theory that governs your interests. Finally you will be able to use your skills to identify multiple solutions to problems.

Then you can exercise spiritual discernment to identify the solution that best suits the situation and the individuals involved. Underlying the desire to find a workable solution lies the desire to work that solution harmoniously. Going back to the knee, the capacity to kneel parallels your ability to climb and to swim. I recall stories of pilgrims who travel the last part of their journey to a shrine on their knees as a sign of humility before the greatness of the divine.

You may want to learn humility before the greatness of your peers and learn to serve them willingly. The following interpretations incorporate the position, by sign, of Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn. The sign position of Saturn modifies your Capricorn Ascendant characteristics. You come across as exceptionally self-reliant. You may frequently attempt to avoid direct confrontations with others, and hold onto your privacy tightly. You often struggle with fears of failure, and this can, if you are not careful, lead to avoidance of opportunities to advance and to go after what you want in life.

There can be some resentment or jealousy of those who are more direct, confident, and ambitious. There can be difficulties expressing your nurturing side, even though you are far warmer and loving than you appear. You are in fact very loyal and concerned for your loved ones. Watch for the tendency to put walls around you, and to isolate yourself from others.

You don´t know your ascendant?

There can be a real fear of change with this combination. You spend a lot of time making certain that your little world stays the same, and this suggests that you are a good provider and caretaker. You are more afraid of financial hardship than most people, and you might either spend too much time worrying about money, or put a lot of effort into getting to a secure position. In your earlier years, you may fear ridicule when it comes to expressing yourself, and as you grow older, you might make extra effort to learn how to communicate more effectively and with authority.

You come across very well — composed and down-to-earth. You have a well-developed sense of humor.

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Criticism is difficult for you to hear, but you accept it gracefully and others may not know how much it gets to you! You tend to be more comfortable writing than talking, as you are alone with yourself when you write and feel freer to take the time you need and to organize your thoughts and views on the topic at hand. You are capable of excellent logic. You are also very detail-oriented and easily hone in on mistakes, flaws, and inconsistencies, so that you are especially equipped for research and analytic work.

The uncertainty of new pairings is not a strong appeal. You are not always forthcoming with your emotions, and tend to show your affection through loyal actions and support rather than emotional displays and overtures. You are intensely loyal and steadfast.

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There can be a lot of self-consciousness with this combination — you are especially aware of how others perceive you, and can go to great lengths to make sure that they see you as dignified. You might find it quite difficult to deal with or accept changes in your life, but if you work on stepping outside of your comfort zone just a little, but frequently, you can work on a more positive attitude towards transformations. You can be extremely hard-working and you likely thoroughly enjoy research.

Capricorn Rising: Personality Traits of Capricorn Ascendant

When engaged, you can work long hours. Thoroughness is important to you, and you are likely to be recognized for the effort you put forth. This is a very earthy combination. You value order and systems, and can feel very insecure if things are chaotic or out of order around you.

The Capricorn Rising Personality - Here Are 3 Powerful Ascendant Traits

A major life lesson involves learning to let go of the desire to control your responses to the world, and to allow yourself to express creative impulses more freely and spontaneously. You can be an extremely hard worker, and a bit of a perfectionist, although the latter can either lead you to work even harder or to give up on things too soon for fear of failure. You can be very humorous with a wry wit. You are very logical and talented at finding discrepancies and mistakes.

You are also very reliable. In fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young age, even something of a cynic. The monstrous Russian dictator Joseph Stalin is the absolute personification of this negative use of the Capricorn Rising personality. Moving, right along…depending on the sign and house of your Sun, you must pull these positive experiences towards you in order to grow.

You also want to use this energy to secure your own personal future in accordance with self discipline, a NO GUILT policy just do your personal best and standards that you think contribute to a stable society. When centered and in touch, Capricorn Rising, you can be the Rock of Gibraltar to anyone in your sphere of influence. Be careful not to cut off your feelings. They are connected to your Soul and are the pathway to the great worldly wisdom you seek.

The Rising sign also describes your physical appearance. Even as children, those with Capricorn Rising tend to look somber, wise beyond their years, stoic and mature. Click here for your free numerology reading. Skip to content.

Misconception of Capricorn Rising:

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