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Every time you turn your gaze you see boredom everywhere because you know all the issues that you have to deal with, words that will be pronounced and ways to put off problem solving for tomorrow. One of these days will be indicated in the almanac as the day of the final judgment. However, do you really want to continue this suffocating relationship which makes you so unhappy?

Free daily horoscope, celeb gossip and lucky numbers for 25 January,

Click here! Every time this person will approach you, your matters will be overshadowed.

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Some people have dark and tense energy, which may actually be unintentional. Even so, you should take care of yourself and protect yourself from these malicious energies.

Get natural herbal incense and perfume your body, home and office. You could use lignum vitae, rue, sage, lavender, myrrh or rosemary. There are different plants that can help you get rid of all that negative energy you perceive. All about Capricorn. All about Sagittarius.

Leo horoscope for January 25, 2014

All about Aries. All about Pisces.

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  • It goes without saying: avoid taking on any additional commitments for today! In addition; your mood may be a little flighty and almost definitely geared towards fun on a day where it would be a good idea to reserve a couple of hours on a possibly complicated matter!

    Daily Horoscope 9 October, 12222

    Communications will be prone to minor misunderstandings, so be clear! As the day wears on you may need to increase your efforts rather than reduce them. This is likely to apply on all fronts, not just the romance one. That said; do avoid taking a particular personal situation or a relationship for granted! It may not be a massive development but it could be enough to gently steer you in a different direction. A string of minor challenges suggest that there may be some disappointing news on the way.

    It could be linked to a previous lapse or error on your part!


    However, plans made early in the morning are very likely to change towards the evening, not because of a lack of willpower, but because of a sudden and possibly dramatic change of mind! That said; there may be some crossed wires in relation to romance this evening! Any gains may well be offset by expenses and by the same token, any minor losses may well be cancelled out by a small boost.

    Fickle luck is likely to be a factor at work here. Timing is likely to be important. You might not take advantage of some good or useful news, or that you might even play it a little too cool.

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    It goes without saying, but a middle-path between these two approaches might be your best bet! The months ahead will begin with a conflict in the work place or in school that could cause some upset for you. However, remember to stay confident as this matter will ultimately resolve itself in your favor. A visit to a relative at some point during the spring months will leave you with a growing interest in your family history that you should pursue.

    January 25 Zodiac is Aquarius - Full Horoscope Personality

    The early summer will bring a change of career or shift in your life goals that will be stimulated by a new friendship in some unexpected ways. As the fall begins a romantic entanglement is likely to become increasingly serious. It will be important, though, to let things develop in their own time. Trust your intuition and you will be bound to succeed!