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But these two parts are reluctant to be downloaded. Im using vodafone mobile connect. Other links are working very well. I was trying to dowload the first and second books on Samskrit with their keys. Are all the link fine? I checked the links now. They are working. Uttaramcharitam of Bhavabhuti. Kane, P. Jha, Tarinisha. How could i download books from scrib. Can u help me the book mahabhashya by ksitish chandra chaterjee.

I saw your comment about books on manuscriptology. I have no knowledge about this subject.

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Aatmiya bhando, Namaste! I am happy about the link and you are doing a great work. Is there any site for Raghuvamsam and kadambari which is also atranslation of tamil language along with Sanskrit version? Please let me know. Venkata Raghavachariar cost of the book is rs. But, you will have to provide titles of the books and not their subject.

I am not an expert in all subjects.

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So, please provide title of the book you are looking for. The Samkhya Sutra Vritti. Garbe, Richard, ed.. You can download it from the following link at Digital Library of India. Thank you sir for above link. One more favour sir. Can i get astang-hridayam by vagbhat in sanskrit? It is not found anywhere on the internet for free download.

I will let you know if I find it later. Regarding scribd, I know of only one way to download books, i. I want this topic from scribd. Title:problems and prospects in manuscript by Dr. JSRA Prasad.

As per scribd rules, you can download documents if you upload some original document in exchange for them. So, if you upload one or two books to scribd. Please try it. So, I have no idea about this book. Nor could I find a book with this title at DLI. This blog is about Sanskrit books in public domains. So, please keep that in mind while you ask for books.

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Dear Sirs I am looking for the remaining part of a subhashit that I remember only half. Can you or any other learned person help me? The same subhashita is also seen with a minor variation. Chchando Darsana by Rishi Daivarata is available at the following link. You will find a few more books by him in the same folder. I will try to help if you provide names of texts. It is difficult to know what is exactly needed when the comment is vague. I can try to help you if I know what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for works of Panchanan Bhattacharya Sastri or books on him?

It would be easier for me if titles are provided. Where can I get free download of Sangeetha Ratnakara by Shrangadeva with english transalation….. I thought it could be there at scribd. If not, you will have to get it from a library. If you are studying or teaching, you must be having access to good libraries. Great web site.

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Thousand thanks to you, Webadmin. I downloaded the Sanskrit Grammar books with key and hope to learn Sanskrit again after leaving school. I was quite good in it during school days during 80s but with time had forgot a lot of things. Now the Bhagvadgita has got me rehooked to the language. God willing, I hope to be a better Sanskrit learner. Dear sir, Your feedback answer is so good.

I want to download all volume of rasashastra. I will try to help you find the books, if you can provide names of the books you are looking for. You question is not clear since there is some typo in the title of the book. You will find plenty of ayurveda books at archie.

If you can provide details, I will try to locate it. I was really very happy after downloading chanakya arthashastra Can you plz help me to find chanakya neeti shastra and any other books of chanakya in English or Sanskrit to English. You can try the following books.

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Salutation again! Thank you so much. The books were amazing. Yes Pranav, this is published. Tantraraja Tantra has references to this in the document as well. Hope this information helps you. I am not Pranav, but Shankara. Many of our ancient scriptures are still in manuscript form. All are not available in print. If you look in Catalogus Catalogorum or manuscripts list at namami.

Thank you very much for your response. I could not find much information on this book on this site. I have sent a note to the director requesting for the availability. Do you know of any other source that you would suggest?

Any help around this is greatly appreciated. The database at namami. It has data of 22 lakh manuscripts.

That means varnoddhara tantra is a rare text, most probably an unpublished manuscript. Sabdakalpadruma was published from Calcutta in the last leg of 19th century. So, if you seek help of Tantra research centres or scholars from Calcutta, you may be able to get some information on this text. Is there a different URL to view them? Please let me know where can I download it. Thank you. If you found it so please reply me. I could not find e-copy of Yati dharma samuccaya in the open domain. I think this book was printed for the first time in Devanagari only recently.